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The opportunities for business to help create a vital Fourth Sector include:

  • Doing business with Fourth Sector organizations.

  • Investing in Fourth Sector enterprises.

  • Providing reduced-fee or in-kind services to Fourth Sector organizations.

  • Procuring goods and services from Fourth Sector providers.

  • Advocating for better policy vis-å-vis Fourth Sector activity.

  • Finally, social-purpose ventures and socially and environmentally conscious businesses might consider adopting For-Benefit attributes as a way to advance along the sustainability continuum.


A thriving Fourth Sector can deliver benefits:

  • Provide technical assistance, access to capital, and preferred status in some markets.

  • Deliver employees who are conversant with triple bottom-line management and operations.

  • Remove regulatory barriers.

  • Provide tax incentives and other favorable treatment from government agencies.

  • Provide validation in the sense of legitimizing them in the eyes of a public that has come to be skeptical about the mission and motive of conventional for-profits.

  • Deliver visibility as part of the larger Fourth Sector movement.

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