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There are many opportunities for engagement in the Fourth Sector by non-profits:

  • Consider partnering with social enterprises where there’s mission correlation.

  • Non-profits that are engaged in commercial activity might consider adopting additional attributes of the For-Benefit archetype such as continuous improvement of their environmental footprint.

  • If appropriate, consider adopting an earned-income strategy to support your mission.

  • Dedicate more resources to outcome measurement where it enhances the ability to deliver on your mission.

  • If you operate a business, share your experience with other Fourth Sector organizations.

  • Advocate for better public policy vis-a-vis non-profits engaging in Fourth Sector activity.


The Fourth Sector and For-Benefit model deliver multiple benefits to non-profits as well:

  • For non-profits that are pursuing earned-income strategies, a robust Fourth Sector can provide support infrastructure for Fourth Sector activities such as measuring social impact and providing access to growth capital.

  • They can help them diversify their revenue stream in a manner consistent with their values and mission.

  • It encourages and supports the spirit of entrepreneurship.

  • It can remove regulatory barriers.

  • Can provide tax incentives and other favorable treatment by government agencies.

  • If actualized, the For-Benefit model would facilitate collaboration and cross-sectoral partnership. It would also enable them to achieve their goals more efficiently, for instance, by making it easier to recruit high-quality employees.

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